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Katadyn Gravidyn Filter Element 20720
Katadyn Filter Element for Gravidyn System
Katadyn Gravidyn Filter Element 20720
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Katadyn Gravidyn Filter Replacement Element (20720)

The Katadyn Gravidyn Filter Replacement Element (20720) is an advanced double stage replacement water filter cartridge for use with the Katadyn Gravidyn Drip Water Filter System (2110080). Note that the Katadyn Gravidyn Drip Water Filter System utilizes three (3) of these replacement filters for maximum, high-level water filtration capacity.

The Gravidyn filter element is a double stage filter which uses a combination of advanced ceramic depth filtration plus an inner core of activated carbon to give you clean, uncontaminated, taste and odor-free drinking water. The Katadyn Gravidyn Replacement Filter Element, which is also known as the TRK Gravidyn Drip Filter Replacement Cartridge, will filter unsafe water for many months before it needs to be replaced, and the outside of the filter can also be cleaned up to 100 times before replacement in order to restore the full flow rate.

If you are using these Katadyn filters primarily for taste and odor reduction you will need to change the filter after about 6 months of usage due to the activated carbon component. You can use the Katadyn filter measuring gauge to determine when to replace this filter or else change it after about 6 months of continuous use. The silvered ceramic component of the Katadyn 20720 filter cartridge removes numerous contaminants and impurities from tainted water, including: bacteria parasites pathogens protozoa sediment dirt rust cysts algae mold spores certain viruses ...and other disease causing agents down to the very fine 0.2 micron level.

Additionally, the activated carbon component of this Katadyn Gravidyn filter element removes or reduces the bad taste and odor of chlorine plus various organic comtaminants and hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, humic acids, detergents, VOCs, DDT, THM, and others. This bacteriological Gravidyn depth filter reduces or removes dirt, bacteria, pathogens, micro-organisms, some viruses, certain chemicals, and parasites such as cryptosporidium, giardia, klebsilla, vibrio, and others that cause diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, and other potentially life-threatening illnesses.

These top-notch Katadyn filters are ideal not just for water supply emergencies but also for camping, hunting, fishing, boats, cabins, cottages, campers, and so on. Using this Katadyn water filter you can also filter unsafe water from streams, brooks, springs, rivers, ponds, and lakes for drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning, and so on. Katadyn filters provide filtered, fresh, and natural tasting water without the use of harsh chemicals.

Katadyn 20720 Gravidyn Ceramic Depth Filter Replacement Specifications:
  • Temp. Range: 32-104F Weight: 11.6 ounces (dry)
  •  Micron Rating: 0.2 micron Dimensions: 10.4"L x 2.2"W
  • Filter Life: Approx. 6 months
  • Output: About 1 gallon per hour
  •  Filter Connection: 1/4" male thread
  • Filter Body: Ceramic body diatomaceous earth
  • Filter Media: Outer layer of microporous silver-impregnated ceramic (cleanable) plus an inner core of high performance silver activated carbon granulate 
The Katadyn Gravidyn replacement filter element is glued into food proof plastic caps. It features microporous ceramic which works to retain suspended solids and safely trap all harmful bacteria and parasites without removing essential minerals. The silver-impregnated ceramic also prevents bacterial growth. Meanwhile, the inner core of activated carbon granulate removes free chlorine, chemicals, and many other possible contaminants. Katadyn water filters are used by the U.S. military, various international militaries, and by relief agencies such as the Red Cross which utilize Katadyn filters in emergency situations where clean potable water is scarce.
This Katadyn Gravidyn Ceramic Filter is also known by Katadyn part number 20720.
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