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Under Sink Water Filter System | Superior Two Stage System
Under Sink Twin Superior comes with Ceramic Disk Designer Faucet, Mounting Bracket and Filter Cartridges Installed, and all installation parts.
Under Sink Water Filter System | Superior Two Stage System
Item Id: WU002
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Under Sink Water Filter - Two-Stage - by BestFilters with Ceramic Disk Faucet

under sink water filters The Under Counter Twin Superior Water Filter is a great value. Designed for maximum effectiveness on chlorine-treated water supplies it combines excellent filtration and an affordable price.

Effectively filters and reduces Chlorine taste and odor, Lead, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, VOC's, fertilizers, pesticides, rust, sediment, and particulate matter with all the benefits of KDF/GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and a Matrikx Pb-1 solid carbon block replaceable filter. Outstanding performance is achieved by the replaceable 1.0 micron Matrikx Pb-1 Solid Carbon Block filter cartridge. This cartridge removes particulates as small as 1.0 micron and filters chlorine taste and odor, sediment, rust, and particulate matter for sweet, clear, great-tasting water.

These two long-lasting replaceable filters are included, as well as, a drip-proof designer ceramic-disk faucet. The filters provide 2,500 Gallons (about a year at 7 gallons per day!) of great-tasting, crystal clear water. That`s less than 5 cents/gallon without lugging heavy bottles around! Save hundreds of dollars per year!

The long lasting replaceable water filter cartridges (pre-installed), our #WR001 ($24.88), in combination with our # WR024 ($24.88) provides 2,500 Gallons (about a year at 7 gallons per day!) of great- tasting, crystal clear water. That`s about 2 cents/gallon without lugging bottles around! We recommend annual replacement of the water filter cartridges. Order filter replacement set WR004 (Contains 1 - WR001 and 1 - WR024).

FREE Stainless Steel Water Bottle with every purchase!


  • Solid Extruded Activated Carbon Block Filter - Radial filtration, won't channel or allow water to bypass the filter element.
  • Lead Reduction: 2,500 gallons at 0.75 GPM
  • Cyst Reduction: Giardia, Cryptosporidium Class 1
  • Outstanding Chlorine, Taste and Odor Reduction
  • MATRIKX® Pb1 is a powerful, multifunctional filter cartridge for residential and commercial water purification systems.
  • Heavy Metal Reduction:
    MATRIKX® Pb1 extruded activated carbon filter reduces soluble lead using an ion-exchange filter medium with high specificity for soluble lead. Particulate filtration is used to intercept insoluble lead-containing particles.
  • Chemical Adsorption:
    MATRIKX® Pb1 filters offer high levels of volatile organic chemical reduction in potable drinking water, including chlorine and other compounds that contribute to taste and odor.
  • Particulate, Cyst and Turbidity Reduction:
    MATRIKX® Pb1 filters provide > 99.96% reduction of 3-4 micron particulates, > 99.96% reduction of 1-2 µ particulates, and are high performance sediment filters with extended life. Graded-density prefiltration combined with high dirt capacity, extruded activated carbon provide several times greater life than molded filters
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • For Use With Cold Water Only

Additional Specifications:

• 0.5 m Nominal Filtration*
• Rated Flow 0.75 GPM, 2,500 Gallons Life*
• Lead Reduction Based on NSF/ANSI Standard 53*                                         
• Cyst Reduction Based on NSF/ANSI Standard 53*                                                                        
• Turbidity Reduction Based on NSF/ANSI Standard 53*
• Outstanding Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction*

* Based on KX Industries internal testing.

Measures: 10-1/2"Wide x 11-1/2"high x 5" deep.

Faucet: Height: 8.5"

Superior Under Sink Water Filter Details and Benefits

We recommend annual replacement of the filters. Order filter replacement set WR004 (Contains 1 - WR001 and 1 - WR024).

Stage 1:
The filter cartridge in the 1st stage of the WU002 twin systems utilizes KDF filtration media, GAC (granular activated carbon) and 3 stages of polypropylene sediment filtration. KDF Process Media are high-purity, granulated copper and zinc-based alloys that treat water through a process based upon the principle of redox (Oxidation-Reduction). Originally, KDF was shorthand for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. We can explain redox like this: KDF Fluid Treatment’s unique combination of copper and zinc creates an electro-chemical reaction. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, and new elements are created. Some harmful contaminants are changed into harmless components. 

Stage 2: The filter cartridge in the 2nd stage of the WU002 is a high capacity 1 micron carbon block filter, our WR001.Contaminant Reduction: This solid carbon block filter provides 0.5 micron nominal filtrations (1 micron absolute). A dense prefiltration wrap combined with a high capacity extruded activated carbon block serves to provide excellent filtration characteristics with a high affinity for adsorption of Chlorine tastes and odors, Lead, Cysts, dirt, rust and sediment.

Includes all necessary parts and instructions for easy installation.

Comes complete with mounting bracket, stainless steel screws, ceramic-disk designer faucet, feed water in-line valve and all necessary tubing.

Limited 1 year warranty on parts.

Owners Manual  (For under-counter filters with saddle valve or brass "T" connector)

New Owners Manual  (For under counter filters with John Guest polypropylene adapter valve)    

       Incredibly, if a mere ten percent of North America's bottled water intake were reduced by switching to home-filtered water in reusable containers, we could eliminate:
  • 133,000 trucks driving an average of 500 miles--saving nearly 12 million gallons of diesel fuel
  • Over 100 million pounds of greenhouse gasses--equal to taking 1,100 cars off the road annually
  • 213 million pounds of PET--equal to 1.5 million barrels of crude oil or improving the PET recycling rate by 10%
                water filters help save the planetCourtesy of Watts Water Quality
Customer Reviews
Under Sink Two Stage Water Filter System
  Easy installation, no leaks. Water tastes great! Recommended!
  Reviewed by:  Andrew from South Bend, IN. on 12/7/2013
Great filters for the price.
  Been using an expensive RO system for years and just moved into another home. RO being a water waster we wanted a different more environmentally friendly filter. Was easy to install. For a few days water tasted funny even after flushing the filter, but this went away by day 3. Coming from RO water I can taste the minerals that are now still there, but all of the nasty chlorine taste is gone. I like it better than the RO water now. More thirst quenching water.
  Reviewed by:  Jimbo from California. on 4/23/2013
Undercounter filter
  The unit looks attractive, and the water tastes amazing! Very happy with the customer service as well. Ordered an additional filter for the fridge which was the wrong item (our mistake), and the return and refund was handled courteously and promptly.
  Reviewed by:  ADS from NC. on 4/13/2013
  I purchased this system because my water has an awful chlorine taste, now it tastes great, Also easy to hook up and to change filters its a breeze and the price I fel is very reasonable
  Reviewed by:  ken olsen from Missouri. on 4/6/2013
Works great like it better than RO system.
  filter works great takes out nasty city clorine taste and odor. And it doesn't waste water like RO system. the faucet that came with the filter seems to be pretty good quality.
  Reviewed by:  Dean M from MN . on 3/17/2013
  Have had system for about a month now. I am extremely pleased.
  Reviewed by:  mike from new jersey. on 11/9/2012
  A very good quality product however I feel the price is high compared to the GE twin filters that I have in our other homes.
  Reviewed by:  RDS from Florida. on 9/25/2012
  BestFilters Under Sink Superior Two Stage Water Filter System. Huge improvement over old style,we love the new spout. Great company keeps us coming back. You won't be disapointed.
  Reviewed by:  mickeman from ohio. on 9/8/2012
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