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Austin Air Bedroom Machine Replacement Air Filter - FR402

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Part Number: AR402
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Austin Air Bedroom Machine Replacement HEGA Air Filter 

  • We offer only genuine Austin Air Replacement Filters, no third party or off-brand replacement filters. 
This is the Austin Air Bedroom Machine Replacement Filter (FR 402) and is the integral part of the most advanced filtering system that Austin Air has ever designed. It has been built to meet the requirements set out by the John Hopkins University Medical School.
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STAGE 1 - Large Particle Pre-filter
Removes particles easily seen by the naked eye
(e.g. dust, hair and pet dander)
STAGE 2 - Medium Particle Pre-filter
Removes small to medium size particles
(e.g. molds, spores and pollen)
STAGE 3 - 15 lbs. of Proprietary Carbon Blend
Removes chemicals, gases and odors
(e.g. sulfuric acid and ammonia)
STAGE 4 - 60 sq. ft. of Certified HEPA Filtration
Removes 99.97% of all particles
larger than 0.3 microns
STAGE 5 - HEGA Carbon Cloth Filtration
High Efficiency Gas Arrestance
5-Year Pro-rated Filter Warranty Austin Air offers a 5-year pro-rated filter warranty, by far the most comprehensive in the industry. No more costly filter replacements every few months or even years. Austin Air filters are designed to last for an amazing 5-years, under normal residential use.

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