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The Austin Air Healhmate Standard A400 comes in 2 powder-coated colors for a durable finish.
The Austin Air Healhmate Standard A400 comes in 2 powder-coated colors for a durable finish.

Austin Air Healthmate Standard Air Purifier - Made in USA, all steel housing, 5 year filter, up to 1500 sq. ft.

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Austin Air HealthMate HEPA Air Purifier - American Made - Replaceable Filter features 15 lbs. of Carbon/Zeolite for gas and odor removal - Free Shipping - Sales Tax Paid
Part Number: HM400
Availability: Currently experiencing an 8-10 business day delay in order fulfillment. Made in the USA.

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Austin Air HealthMate Standard Air Cleaner

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Powerful enough to clean the air in a 1,500 square foot room twice an hour, the Austin Air HealthMate Standard A400, also known as the HM400 is a solid workhorse to effectively clean the air in a large room. The large HEPA filter contains a hefty 15 lbs. of solid Activated Carbon and Zeolite in the long-lasting replaceable filter. The Austin Air HealthMate Standard HM400 meets or exceeds all HEPA filter standards, efficiently trapping 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns, such as: pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke, mold, bacteria, allergens, and most gases and odors. 

Rugged 14.5" square x 23" high, 22 gauge perforated steel housing with a powder-coated enamel finish that won`t chip, crack or peel. Available in 5 attractive colors to work with your decor. Quiet 3 Speed centrifugal fan. Full 5 year guarantee on all parts and labor. The HEPA filter element has a pro-rated 5 year warranty under normal residential usage. Every minute, over 250 cubic feet of air passes through 15 pounds of Activated Carbon and over 60 square feet of True Medical Grade HEPA filtration, providing air so clean it could change your life and how you sleep. If it doesn’t, BestFilters and Austin Air will refund your money within 30 days. Weight: 45 lbs. FREE delivery normally within 5-10 working days. 

The Benefits of the Austin Air HealthMate HM400

  • Sounder Sleep
  • Reduced Snoring
  • Stop Sneezing
  • Reduce nighttime allergies & asthma attacks
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduced coughing and wheezing
  • Eliminate dry mouth and runny nose

Who should consider the Austin HealthMate?

  • Families looking for healthy, fresh, clean air
  • Those with slight sensitivities to airborne particles and gases
  • People close to farms, cities and roads

Why is the Austin HealthMate the best choice?

  • Very effective at removing particles in the air including dust, pollens and smoke elements
  • Great at removing chemicals and gases from the air
  • Removes viruses and bacteria
  • Designed to last for years, removing all air pollutants and delivering the freshest of air
  • Will cleanse the air for areas up to 1500 sq ft.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 23"; Width: 14.5" x 14.5"; Weight 45 lbs (Casters for easy movement).
  • Perforated steel intake housing (filter deck); 360 intake
  • Air flow output from upper deck, directed one side
  • Bottom plate easily removed for filter access
  • Baked-on powder coat finish

Fan and Motor Assembly

  • Centrifugal fan
  • 3 Speed control switch
  • Power rating: 1.2 amps, 120 volts
  • 115 Watt power consumption at highest setting
  • Motor type: permanent split capacitor, rated for continuous high RPM , long life duty
  • Motor mounted on shock absorbers
  • CSA, UL and CE approved

Filter Assembly HEPA and carbon/zeolite unit

  • 13.5" square, 14.5" height
  • 60 sq. ft. true HEPA medical filter medium
  • Nearly 15 lbs mixture of solid activated carbon and zeolite
  • Meets HEPA standards, trapping 99.97% of all particulates larger than 0.3 microns
  • Foam sealing gaskets top and bottom
  • Total weight 23 lbs

PERMAFILT Pre-filter

  • Traps large dust particles
  • Designed to be vacuumed from outside and eliminate costly 3 month filter changes

Fan Rating: 400cfm on high setting: cleans a room area of up to 1500 ft.

Warranty: 5 years on all parts and labor

Filter Guarantee: 5 year pro-rated guarantee under normal residential use.

Filter Change Instructions and Warranty

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