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Blueair Air Purifiers

Blueair Air Purifiers: Extraordinarily Quiet, Efficient, and Stylish    

  • Consumer Reports ranks Blueair 503 and 650E as 2 of the top 3 Air Purifiers in their most recent testing.
  • Whisper Quiet...WiFi connectivity...Energy Efficient...Free App to remotely control your Blueair...Filter Change LED
  • New Blueair Classic models feature Wi-Fi connectivity, an app for your smart devices and an LED display for filter changes.
  • New Blueair Classic models 505 and 605 perform even better than the 503 and 650E
  • Blueair Air Purifier's patented HEPASilent technology combines the best features of electrostatic and mechanical filter technology.
  • Blueair SmokeStop Filters designed for environments with smoke and gaseous pollutants, using activated carbon to remove tobacco smoke, odors, and harmful VOCs. 
  • Use coupon code "aten" for 10% off your Blueair purchase.
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