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Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier, compact, portable, great for rooms up to 620 sq.ft.

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Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier, perfect for rooms up to 620 sq.ft.

The attractive, compact Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier removes 99 percent of mold, pet dander, odors and allergens from the air so you can breathe better. The stylish, slim Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier, with its compact and portable design, will clean the air in any small room up to 620 square feet.  True HEPA multi-stage filtration we know and love from Blueair. How True HEPA Multi-Stage Filtration Works: The first stage is the colorful, machine washable, pre-filter sleeve. Made from millions of microfibers this easily removable sleeve filters out the largest of particles including human hair and pet hair as well as large dust particles, and dirt particles. The two internal filters, the small particulate filter, and the activated carbon filter work together to clean 99% of microscopic airborne particles down to 2.5 microns. This includes pollen, mold spores, small dust and dirt particulates, viruses and bacteria, smoke and chemical odors as well as off-gassing from harmful VOC’s. Use code "ATEN" and save 10% off all Air Purifier purchases and WE PAY all applicable Sales Tax (that's like another 6-10% OFF). 

Blueair Blue Pure 121 – Lightweight and affordable the Blue Pure 121, small HEPA air purifier will provide five air changes per hour in a room up to 620 sq.ft. (That's a 20x30' room). Clean, modern lines and fashion-forward design give this compact but luxurious purifier a timeless yet accommodating look. The Blue 121 purifier is compact and silent enough to adorn the most hectic office or dorm room environments, as well as nurseries and small bedrooms. 

Features and Benefits: 
  • AHAM Certified to cleanse the air in rooms up to 620 Sq. Ft. (5 times per hour). 
  • Simple and easy to use the one-button-touch technology allows the user to switch between 3 fan speeds (low, medium, high) with just the touch of a button. 
  • Unique design features a 360-degree air inlet for faster, more efficient air cleaning ability. 
  • Filter Change Light will display once the filter needs to be changed. 
  • The Blue 121 measures 13 inches wide and 28 inches tall, and weighs only 18 lbs. 
  • Activated carbon filter removes smoke, chemical, food, and pet odors. 
  • Particle filter removes 99% of airborne particles down to 2.5 microns in size. 
  • Shipped with 2 pre-filter sleeves, colors in Blue and Dark Grey allow this unit to fit into any style home or space. 
  • Very Quiet with a range of just 31-56 decibels, this whisper-silent purifier can be with you even in the bedroom. 
  • Independently certified by AHAM to cleanse the air in rooms of up to 620 square feet five times per hour. 
  • Energy-efficient rating by Energy Star. 
The Advanced Activated Carbon technology combined with the True HEPA Particle Filter work together to clean your air of 99% of airborne particulates and odors down to 2.5 microns in size. This whisper-silent technology means this compact unit can even stay with you in the bedroom. With its fresh, modern design and advanced features, you can't go wrong with the Blue Pure 121. Room Size Up to 620 sq. ft. (with 5 air changes per hour) Recommended For Allergies, Asthma, Dust, Pet Dander, Mold Spores, Viruses, Bacteria, Odors, Gasses, Smoke, improved Air Quality.  True HEPA Filtration Yes Particle Filtration Efficiency 99% to 2.5 microns in size Particle Removal Removes dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, viruses and bacteria. Gas and Odor Removal Removes pet and cooking odors as well as chemical and smoke odors and off-gassing from harmful VOC's.  

  • CADR: Dust rating 120 cubic ft. per min - Dust 
  • CADR: Pollen rating 120 cubic ft. per min - Pollen 
  • CADR: Smoke rating 105 cubic ft. per min - Smoke 
  • Air changes per hour - 5 per hour (620 sq. ft. room) 
  • Airflow (cubic feet per minute) 120 CFM 
  • Filtration System True HEPA Multi-Stage Particle and Activated Carbon Filtration 
  • Number of Filters to Replace - Two 
  • Replace HEPA Filter Every 6 months (4,380 hrs) depending on use and 
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 16.7" x 8" x 8" 
  • Product Weight 18 lbs Packaged 
  • Shipping Weight 22 lbs 
  • Noise Level - (min-max decibels) 17 dB(A) - 46 dB(A) 
  • Controls - one button
  • Number of Fan Speeds 3 Fan Speeds (low, medium, high) 
  • Status Indicator Yes 
  • Filter Reset function Yes 
  • Air Inlet 360-Degree Inlet 
  • Air Outlet Top of the Housing 360-Degree Outlet  
  • Energy Consumption (watts) 30-60 watts
  • Power Requirements 110 - 120 v 
  • Amperage .08 Amps 
  • Energy Star® Yes 
  • AHAM-certified CADR -Yes 
  • Ozone Emission - None 
  • Manufacturer's Warranty - 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty

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