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CBTVOC CBTech and MultiPure Replacement Filter.
CBTVOC CBTech and MultiPure Replacement Filter.

CBTVOC Replacement Water Filter for CB Tech and Multipure Water Filters

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CBTVOC replacement cartridge for CBVOCSB & CBVOCSC water filter systems. DISCOUNT: We PAY all your applicable Sales Taxes (that's like 6-10% OFF) and Free Shipping.
Part Number: CBTVOC
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CBTVOC Replacement Cartridge for CB-VOC and Multipure Water Filter Systems

CB Tech manufactures the highest quality carbon block replacement filters for both their Multi-Level Marketing teams, as sold through individuals, and for their exclusive Commercial Authorized Dealers. We are an authorized commercial dealer, selling CB Tech Commercial line products. Our CBTVOC Replacement Filter fits both the CB Tech and Multipure CB-VOC-SB, CB-VOC-SI and CB-VOC-SC (Previously Plus CBSB Undercounter and Plus CBSC Countertop) Water Filter. Provides 750 gallons of the best filtered water available, while retaining important trace minerals. Unfortunately, this replacement water filter cartridge does not fit the 750 series as sold by the multi-level marketing team or individual distributors. (THIS ITEM IS NOT THE CB6 FILTER!)

If you purchased your CB-VOC-SB or CB-VOC-SC Multipure system from us, this cartridge will fit. The CBTVOC was previously known as the MPPTCB.

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS ITEM IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF THE CORRECT PART NUMBER.  If there is any question, please call, e-mail, fax or chat with us before ordering. 

Before ordering: Please be sure to verify the exact model number listed on the stainless steel housing label. CB Tech makes several replacement cartridges that are NOT interchangeable due to differences in the housing size/design. If your system is part of the CB Tech MP Series sold through independent distributors, you will need to contact CB Tech directly at 800-622-9206 to order the correct replacement cartridge.


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