Can Air Purifiers Help With a Cough?

 Nowadays, a cough can be very worrying. While an air purifier won’t be able to cure coronavirus, it might be able to stop a cough in its tracks. That way, you won’t have to sit around worrying about innocent allergy coughs.

If you’ve got lots of people living in your house, you know how important it is to control your cough. It can worry others, it can spread, and it’s sometimes downright annoying. You want to control it- but with so many allergens in the air- how can you?

An air purifier works to prevent allergen coughs and others by cleaning the air of harmful viruses, allergens, and germs, so you can breathe easily. Here’s how it works:

How do Air Purifiers Help Prevent Coughs?

As you’re walking around your home, you’re breathing in a lot of nasty particles. These can be things like dust, pollen from the outside air, dander, viruses, and bacteria. You knew there were allergens in the outside air- but did you know they travel inside on your clothes and skin and can build up in the enclosed environment of your home?

Not to mention, dust- made up of lint, pieces of dead skin, and all sorts of nasty things- can act as a host for bacteria and viruses. That means your throat is being infiltrated by little bacterial bombs.

To prevent all of this, it’s great to have something that will clear the air and address the elephant in the room- pesky allergens. An air purifier can do this for you, removing over 90% of particles above a certain size.

I guess you could say you can breathe easier with an air purifier around.

Are Air Purifiers Loud?

Lots of people have this idea that air purifiers will be loud and distracting. They most likely draw this from air purifiers they’ve seen in industrial environments like their workplaces. But for home air purifiers, this simply isn’t true.

While you could buy a hulking monster of an air purifier from the 1980s or so, in which case you’d be getting an earful for your clean air, there are other choices. Modern air purifiers take care of your ears. You can buy some air purifiers that reduce noise to a ‘whisper.’ Like this, you won’t ever have to worry about speaking up over an air purifier.

Think of your air conditioner. It moves air around the house with ease, does it not? And are you constantly shouting over it? So why would anyone have to design an air purifier that deafens anyone around? At most, most air purifiers create a silent din that underlies daily activities- just lie an air conditioner.

So, never fear- there’s always a way to get good clean air and enjoy some peace and quiet. Not to mention, people won’t have to hear you hacking. For some people, going a whole day without coughing just a little is a luxury. Air purifiers can help you obtain that luxury.

Best Features for Preventing Coughs

Now that you know air purifiers can prevent coughs, here’s a guide to the best features. Hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to buy an air purifier that works for you. And- hopefully- stop coughing so much.

HEPA Filters

This is the tried and true method for stopping coughs. HEPA filters are the most common type of filter for a reason. They’re darn good at catching pollutants and spitting out clean air for you and your family.

HEPA filters use a physical filter to capture pollutants like mold spores, dust, and a whole host of bacteria and viruses. These are the filters we mentioned that will remove 99.7% of air impurities above a certain size. If you want something that’s proven to work, it’s a HEPA filter for you.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are yet another interesting way to remove pollutants from the air around your house. Carbon filters remove VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds from the air. With a name like that, you’d probably want them out of your air in any case.

VOCs are usually gasses- pollutants such as toxins, and chemicals.

Pair With a Humidifier

While an air purifier will get the pollutants out of your air, there’s nothing like pairing it with a humidifier. Pairing a purifier with a humidifier will give you protection from pollutants and the proper humidity to relieve or prevent congestion.

You don’t want to just treat surface issues. So, try for a solution that will solve everything you can. If your coughs result from congestion- the humidifier will be doing the work. If they result from pollutants- the air purifier will be your savior. And, lastly, if they come from a combination of the two, well, you’ve covered all your bases!

Austin Air Air Purifiers - a Great Choice

You may not be able to improve the air in public places, but you can improve it in your home. Having good, clean air prevents you from struggling with coughs and irritation while you’re at home. While the office or workplace air may leave you struggling, your home doesn’t have to.

Imagine having the peace of mind of clean air- no worries about what’s going into your lungs- less coughing- cleaner breaths every time.

The Austin Air filter can do this for you, giving you all the protection you need. They remove 95% of all pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. They also remove a vast majority of COVID-19 in droplets and particles.

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