Get The Best Home Water Filter And Forget Bottled Water Forever!

Many families in America prefer to buy bottled water due to the poor quality of tap water. The water supplied to your home may contain dangerous components like Arsenic, Lead, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc. You may think that buying bottled drinking water would be your best option. And certainly, it is a quick fix to the problem at hand, but it is an expensive one over time – and as such, it is surely not the best solution for the long run. 

As a long-term solution, the best bet is a reliable home water filtration system. Armed with the right information, and the right filtration system, and say goodbye to the constant expense of buying bottled drinking water. 

Why Should You Get Rid of Bottled Drinking Water?

Purchasing bottled water for everyday drinking purposes is certainly not the wisest and most practical decision one can make. Here are some common reasons why you should get rid of bottled drinking water once and for all:

  • Expense: You may think that bottled water is not actually expensive. But if you consider the long-term expenses, you will be surprised to find the amount of money you spend on bottled water vs. what you would spend on a water filtration system. Also, oftentimes bottled water is unregulated and contains microplastics or other unregulated contaminants.

  • Refilling Hassles: When you rely on bottled water, you have to keep track of your water consumption and always stay a step ahead of your supply running out. Miss one store run or forget to restock your bottled water and all of a sudden you’ve got a domestic crisis on your hands!

  • Use of Plastic: According to recent studies, almost 80% of plastic bottles end up in landfills. So, while you buy bottled drinking water, and it may seem convenient, you also contribute heavily to a very serious environmental problem. Simply put, the more people purchase and consume water from plastic bottles, the greater the negative impact on the environment. As such, the most sensible course of action would be to try to immediately reduce the purchase of bottled water and opt for lower-cost, more environmentally-sound alternatives. 

As you can see, there are several reasons why it would be prudent to nix the habit of buying bottled water and to implement a dependable water filtration system for your home. Over time, it will undoubtedly save you significant money and time, all while making the earth just a little greener!

Get the Best Home Water Filter

Yes, the best solution to your drinking water needs is to get a top-rated home water filter. Home water filters provide you with a steady supply of pure drinking water. And thus you can disrupt the cycle of having to buy bottled water again and again.

Here are some key benefits of having a home water purifier. 

  • Optimal water purification

  • Safety from waterborne diseases

  • Protection from bacteria, cysts and microorganisms

  • Removes Lead, metals, dust, and other contaminants

  • Promotes better overall health

Clearly, there are many benefits of having a water filter at home. However, to get the maximum benefits, you need to ensure you have the right water filter. 

How To Find The Right Water For Your Needs?

Here are some tips that will help you locate the right water filter that fits your requirements precisely. 

  • Contamination Level: To determine which type of water filter you need, you must check water quality first. Take a clean glass and collect some tap water in it. Now check whether there are any visible contaminants like dust particles, rust, etc. You should also check whether the water has any foul smell in it. You can also purchase an at-home testing kit to understand the water quality at your house. All local drinking water is regularly tested and results are available from your local provider. However, some contaminants are not tested and may still be present and harmful. Depending on the test results, you should purchase a water filter that effectively removes the harmful and potentially harmful substances present in the water. 

  • Water Consumption: The next important thing to check is the average water consumption of your house. If you have been purchasing bottled water, this task will be easy for you. All you need to do is calculate the number of bottles consumed every day at your house and get a water filter that filters a similar quantity. 

  • Water Filter Types: Quality service providers offer a wide range of water filters to suit different needs. You can find various models like counter-top filters, under sink filters, Arsenic filters, Whole-house filters, etc. So, according to your water consumption and water quality, get the type of water filter that suits you. 

  • Service & Performance: The performance of the water filter and the services provided are equally important. That's why you must always purchase your water filters from the best suppliers in town. Top-class service providers provide top-quality products. They also offer filter replacements to ensure top-notch performance at all times. In simple words, the right service provider will save you from a lot of hassles. 

So, in Short, Get Your Home Water Filter Now!

Indeed, that's the conclusion for today. Hands down the smart move is to nix buying bottled water and instead treat yourself, your family, and your home to a world-class home water filtration system that provides superior water purification, with dependability, and at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

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