How Dirty Can Air Really Be?

If you’ve ever seen someone buying an air filter, or getting one as a gift, you’ve probably wondered: is air really that dirty? You’ve been breathing it all your life, after all, and haven’t experienced any significant problems yet.

What many people don’t know is that while the air you breathe isn’t immediately dangerous, the particulate matter in it can create complications. True, your lungs certainly aren’t going to fall out. But, there are many reasons to buy an air purifier, and many pollutants that can build up in the air inside your house.

Here are a few unseen perpetrators of bad air quality, as well as a few effects bad air can have.

Dust and Dander

Here’s one you had probably already thought of. During your regular day-to-day life, you probably can’t see it. Sit on the couch in the sunlight, though, and things change. Little shiny particles, pieces of hair, and balls of dust float all around you, all day- and those are just the ones you can see!

One place you can see dust really well is on a ceiling fan. If you have a ceiling fan anywhere in your home, go ahead and run a finger across one of the blades. Inevitably, it will come back covered in gray.

Different areas will have different amounts of particulate matter floating around in the air. This is because of your proximity to high-pollution areas like cities and power plants.

Either way, the reason your fan gathers so much dust is that it’s always sitting still, in your house, collecting dust. If your fan can collect so much dust, think about what your lungs can do! Your nose is a good filter- but not nearly good enough.

Dust also works as a great place for bacteria and viruses to hide. And that brings us to our next topic.

Bacteria and Viruses

This is one you probably hadn’t thought of. Bacteria and viruses can float around in the air- on dust particles and droplets of moisture. With all this talk about the COVID-19 virus, you’d be smart to keep your air clean.

When bacteria and viruses make their way into your lungs, they can spread throughout your body. Before long, you’ve got the chills, and before you know it- it’s a flu.

To spare you the pain of a week in bed with a cough and a fever, you may want to take action against these little buggers. Air filters can remove viruses from the air and leave your space cleaner than it was before.

If you get the right filter, it can even remove the COVID-19 virus. That doesn’t mean you should invite your infected friends in- but it does mean you’ll have peace of mind knowing your air is COVID-free.

VOC Pollutants

These ones have a scary name- that’s for sure. But, getting rid of them can be just as easy as getting rid of dust or moisture. The right kind of filter can usually clean the air and get rid of Volatile Organic Compounds- toxins and chemicals that are harmful to the body.

For removing VOC pollutants, people usually go with activated carbon filters. These filters are great at removing chemical irritants and creating a clean atmosphere for you to breathe. You can find hundreds of carbon filter air purifiers on the internet.


This is the big one. When you tell people they can remove allergens from the air they breathe using an air filter, you usually make a sale.

So many people out there suffer from allergies. Runny noses, watery eyes, and red and irritated skin are just a few of the inconveniences of an allergic reaction. In some cases, allergies can be debilitating, knocking people down with headaches and other ailments.

While nothing can permanently remove the threat of allergens (if your allergies are bad enough, consult your doctor), you can reduce them. Air purifiers are a great way to trap things like pollen and lint that might be causing problems for your body.

When most people think of pollen, they think of being outside. But when people go from outside to inside, they can carry allergens like pollen along with them. Thus, their homes become incubating places for pollen. An air purifier can help fix this.

Where Is Air-Quality At Its Worst?

Reading all of this, you may be quite afraid for your own air. Are you breathing in pollutants now? Will it result in health complications? All of these are pretty frightening questions. To clear some things up, here are a few places where air quality is usually the worst.

Big cities. We can’t say this enough- the air is horrible in big cities.

Between smog, the ever-present influences of other people, and a whole host of other air-fouling influences, cities don’t have a great track record on air quality.

Some of the worst cities in the US for air quality are places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Los Vegas. Living in such conditions, we wouldn’t dare keep a house or an apartment without an air purifier.

The country may seem safe, but a whole litany of new problems pop up as soon as you get around wild plants. Pollen runs rampant in rural places, and can make its way into your home. That’s why, even if you are in a rural area, you can still benefit from an air purifier.

Comprehensive Austin Air Purifiers

If you’re tired of pollutants and particles assaulting your lungs and throat, get an Austin Air purifier. Small and inconspicuous, Austin Air purifiers blend in with their surroundings in almost any room. They look just like a wastebasket or a laundry hamper and can remove pesky pollutants.

Since 1996, Austin Air Air Purifiers have offered the most complete filtration solution by removing not only dust and allergens, but airborne chemicals, gases, smoke, and odors. Their units are built with effective and reliable technology to improve your indoor air 24 hours a day, for years to come. That’s why they stand behind the quality of their air purifiers with a 10-year limited warranty.

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