Importance of Indoor Air Quality and Air Purifiers in 2021
Indoor air quality is no longer an unfamiliar term in this new decade. With pollution, population, wildfires, and serious health conditions all on the rise, it's time now that every person understands the importance of indoor air quality and quality air purifiers

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ is the air quality inside a home, office, or any other building. The term is used to determine the healthiness and breathability of the air inside a room. 

Now, this is not as simple as it sounds. The air quality at your home or office may seem perfectly fine to you, but there can be dangerous pathogens and other micro particles that can be harming your health every day. 

Let's see how easily indoor air pollution happens.

How Indoor Air Pollution Occurs?

Indoor air pollution can occur from different sources such as burning fuel, construction work, tobacco smoke, humidity, outdoor pollution, wildfires, off-gassing from carpets, paint, etc. These pollutants can lower indoor air quality and increase health risks for the occupants. The effects range from mild to severe and even long-term, depending on the type of pollutants in the air.

Effects Of Indoor Air Pollution

Some of the most common effects of indoor air pollution are rashes, sneezing, asthma, headaches, fatigue, or irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. These effects may be very dangerous. They cannot be cured quickly by simple medications or by removing the person from the polluted air. And the effects may re-appear whenever the person is exposed to the polluted air again. 

Sometimes, continuous exposure to harmful substances can cause serious and long-lasting conditions to a person. Such effects may include respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, organ failure, etc. Such effects occur due to regular and long-term exposure to harmful substances. 

Who Is At A Greater Risk?

The effects and their severities are different in every person. Various factors like immunity, age, physical condition, etc., play a key role here. In general, children and the elderly are at a greater risk of getting serious and harmful effects due to pollution. So if you have kids or older people at home, you need to be extra careful about the indoor air quality. 

Is the Spread of COVID 19 Related To Indoor Air Pollution?

As the world battles with the biggest pandemic in modern history, this one is a common concern today. And the answer to it is a simple yes. COVID-19 and a lot of other bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms can get airborne. These particles can survive in the air for a long time and infect everyone who comes in contact. 

Pathogens enter indoors, usually via an infected visitor or a pet. The pathogens get released into the air when the person sneezes or coughs or even breathes. And once they are released, they can be active for several hours.

So What Is The Solution?

As you can see, indoor air pollution happens and it is difficult to prevent it. No matter how protected you are, pathogens, chemicals, and micro particles can find their way indoors very easily. So you need a quality air purifier that constantly processes and purifies the air indoors. 

Air purifiers constantly remove harmful substances from the air. So the air remains clean even after it is exposed to pollutants. All you need to do is ensure that the air purifier you buy is sufficiently sized for your indoor facility. 

What Type Of Air Purifier Should I Get?

When it comes to air purification, you must look for a model featuring a True HEPA filter marketed by a trusted supplier. Always purchase top-quality air purifiers from a reliable and experienced supplier to ensure efficient purification for a long time. Top suppliers also offer a wide range of purifiers to suit various small and large room requirements. Therefore, you can find an air cleaner that perfectly fits the size of your room. You can also get additional benefits like discounted filter re-supply pricing, warranty extensions, discounts, etc. 


As you can see, there are several reasons why you must start understanding the importance of indoor air quality and air purifiers in the year 2021. The number of airborne health infections is increasing at a rapid rate globally, and indoor air quality is no longer safe from this pollution. 

An air purifier is an investment that will continuously provide your rooms with fresh, particulate-free breathable air. So don't risk your life and the lives of your loved ones unnecessarily. All you need to do is purchase a top-quality air purifier from an experienced source. And that's it. You can then breathe safely.

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