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Bestfilters MERV 13 - 4" AC and Furnace Filters (Photo shows 1", 2" and 4" thick sizes)
Bestfilters MERV 13 - 4" AC and Furnace Filters (Photo shows 1", 2" and 4" thick sizes)

MERV 13 AC and Furnace Filters - 4 in. thick (Price for 2 Pack)

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These filters capture airborne particles/allergens between 0.3-1.0 microns in size, such as particles that carry viruses and bacteria, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, fine dust and pet dander. May reduce airborne transmission of droplets containing the COVID-19 Virus.
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BestFilters MERV 13 Pleated 4 in. thick AC and Furnace Air Filters (Ultimate Choice)

Numerous experts are now saying that the airborne transmission of droplets containing the COVID-19 virus are a significant source of infection. There is mounting evidence that MERV 13 rated HVAC air filters may reduce and in some cases remove these particles and droplets containing COVID-19. Please consult your HVAC professional to see whether your particular HVAC system is able to function properly with an HVAC air filter rated as MERV 13 due to the possible reduction in the amount of airflow.

Our MERV 13 pleated AC and Furnace filters utilize 100% synthetic media which offers significantly higher particulate efficiency than regular poly/cotton media pleated filters, with little change in static pressure. These filters capture airborne particles/allergens as small as 0.3-3.0 microns in size, such as particles that may carry viruses and bacteria, pollen, smoke, smog, dust mites, smoke particles, mold spores, fine dust, auto emissions and pet dander. BestFilters MERV 13 filter media will not promote the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, or fungi in normal operating environments, and have not been chemically treated. Equivalent or better than FPR 10 and MPR 1500-1900

These MERV 13 pleated filters are an ideal upgrade from standard disposable panel filters. Our air conditioner furnace filters do not allow the growth of mold or bacteria, keeping your home healthier. No harsh chemicals are necessary to make the air conditioner furnace filter "antibacterial". Our air conditioner furnace filters use permanently charged electrostatic material that helps dust cling to the air conditioner furnace filter.

Over 30-times more efficient at capturing micro particles than ordinary fiberglass filters. Each filter lasts UP TO 6 months! One 2-pack typically provides up to a year's supply of cleaner air. We have all standard sizes of AC & Furnace Air Filters available in MERV 8, 10 and 13 ratings. These pleated, 100% synthetic media filters maintain an electrostatic charge to attract and capture fine particulates. This filter is comparable to the 3M Filtrete Dust & Pollen Filtrete 1500-1900.

Enhance odor control by adding a layer of Activated Carbon:
The MERV 13 pleated media captures microscopic airborne dust, pollen, allergens, mold spores, pet dander, smoke particles bacteria and particulates carrying bacteria and viruses in the air for better indoor air quality. By adding a layer of high quality activated carbon polyester media, the filter, naturally deodorizes the air by absorbing and reducing household odors that may come from pets, garbage, bathrooms, smoke, litter boxes or cooking. It also reduces levels of concentration of gases (VOC’s) as well as particulates in the air while maintaining excellent air flow properties.

Understanding MERV Ratings:
MERV ratings are used to rate the ability of an air conditioning filter to remove dust from the air as it passes through the filter. MERV is a standard used to measure the overall efficiency of a filter. Higher MERV ratings mean fewer dust particles and other airborne contaminants pass through the filter.

MERV ratings are determined by adding particles of varying sizes (1-13) into a controlled testing environment. The particles are added upstream of the test filter and a laser particle counter samples the air before it enters the filter and after it leaves the filter. The two particle counts are compared to calculate the Particle Size Efficiency of the tested filter. Once this is determined, a MERV Parameters chart is used to determine the MERV rating.

MERV ratings range from 1 - 16 and measurements are in microns. Some of the common particles related to MERV ratings are pet dander, insecticide dust, smog, dust, viruses, wood, tobacco smoke, spores, dust mites, bacteria and pollen.

Many of the common flat fiberglass filters found in residential use only have a MERV rating of 1 to 4. These are typically disposable panel type filters and do not do a good job of filtering the air because they will not stop particles smaller than 10 microns. They are designed to help protect your equipment, but do not provide adequate filtration for human needs.

MERV 10 rated filters are a good choice and are more commonly found in commercial applications. These filters will collect particles as small as 1 micron and are a good choice for home owners concerned about indoor air quality, also.

Filters with a MERV rating of 13 (our best choice) are used in many commercial and industrial applications and will reduce particles in the 0.3 micron range and up. These filters are the best choice for home owners who want the best dust control possible. When using filters with MERV 13 ratings and above it is important to clean or replace them when recommended by the manufacturer because they will have a negative effect on air flow when they become dirty. This can lead to performance problems and decreased operating efficiency.

The most efficient filters have MERV ratings of 13 and up and will stop particles as small as 0.3 microns. These filters are typically used in hospitals and other super clean environments.

A MERV 13 (our best) rating represents the best balance between airborne particulate removal of dust, pollen, airborne pathogens, etc. and overall HVAC system efficiency. Air filters above MERV13 are generally required only in larger, more expensive HVAC systems not normally intended for traditional home or smaller office heating and air conditioning systems. This is due to the “drag” imposed on the HVAC system. We do not recommend an air filter above MERV13 unless your equipment manufacturer approves the use of a super high efficiency filter.

Top-notch HVAC professionals who buy from us daily highly endorse the MERV13 rating as providing the highest efficiency of an air filter while not overtaxing the HVAC system. MERV 13 requires 80% or better air filter efficiency on 1 - 3 micron particles and a greater than 90% air filter efficiency on 3 -10 micron airborne particles when tested in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2 used in testing air filters and air filter efficiency. Our air filters measured 97.8% air filter efficiency in removing airborne particles 3-10 microns in size, 84.1% air filter efficiency in removing airborne 1-3 microns in size and 60% air filter efficiency for smaller particles.

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