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Pharmaceuticals in our Drinking Water

Posted by Richard Farkas on 1/8/2012 to Water Quality and Water Filtration
Regarding Pharmaceutical contamination in our drinking water, unfortunately, there is not a manufacturer out there that can make any certified claims that they remove/reduce pharmaceuticals from drinking water (see NSF). This is because no standards have been established by the NSF.

However, the Water Quality Association has come out with a statement that POU (Point of Use) water treatment offers the "best protection" for drinking water and that activated carbon (the primary component in our counter top and under sink water filters) has "shown promise in removing many of these contaminants." NSF has not developed standards for testing, because the EPA has not developed allowable limits (MCLs) for any pharmaceutical drugs.

The carbon block units with the most extensive certifications are the Multi-Pure CBVOCSB, CBASSB and the Bestfilters Countertop and Under Sink Models. If you're considering reverse osmosis look into the Multi-Pure CBTPLUSRO.

Further Reading: NSF statement about pharmaceuticals in drinking water: "Home filtering systems provide best protection for drinking water."

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