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Sprite SR Perma-Seal SR-WH
Sprite SR Perma-Seal SR-WH

Sprite SR-WH Perma-Seal Shower Filter

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Sprite Shower Filter - SR-WH Perma-Seal
Part Number: SR-WH
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Sprite Perma-Seal Shower Filter SR-WH

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  • Permanently sealed housing
  • High Strength bonding
  • Decorative band
  • Filter Life Rating: 1 Year
The Sprite Perma-Seal Shower Filter (SR-WH) is an inexpensive, high performance shower filter. This popular model will effectively filter the shower water for a period of one year. For extra strength and durability it is ultra-sonically welded to create a permanently sealed unit. The SR is Sprite's first shower filter to incorporate the patented "full-flow filter design" utilizing anti-channeling dispersal quadrants to distribute the water evenly throughout the filtering media. Contains non-replaceable media, please consider the Sprite High Output HO2 Shower Filter (Without Shower Head) with replaceable filter cartridge.

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