The Importance of Breathing Clean Air, the Austin Air Way

Amidst the global crisis, we’ve spent a lot more time collectively at home. While we worry about the COVID-19 pandemic and the implications of breathing in the outdoors, it’s important to consider the air we breathe inside.

Mold, dander, pollen, and dust can permeate the spaces we live in, making it difficult to have a completely happy and healthy lifestyle. Exposure to these pollutants in the long term can lead to massive health complications like asthma, respiratory diseases and irritation, and even certain kinds of cancers. The quality of life right now is already very restricted and tough, and with the reality of being indoors more often than not these days, we can make upgrades in our environment to make it a little more bearable. Physical health is directly tied to mental well-being, and anything we can do to protect ourselves from the unseen threats makes it just a little bit easier to make our way in the world today.

People can be affected in different ways, including completely healthy demographic groups. Demographics that may be more at risk in these times may be infants, young adults, folks with pre-existing respiratory conditions, and the elderly are all groups which may be most affected by poor air quality since they are most likely to suffer the consequences. For these groups, keeping up with your current filtering system or investing in one is going to be of the utmost importance.

While it’s impossible to filter the air before it enters your home or business, you can definitely do something about the pollutants introduced day in and day out. You can’t control what goes on outside, but the air quality inside your home or office is completely in your hands, and once the spread starts it is difficult to stop.

Air filtration systems have always been an important addition to any health conscious household, but with the emergence of COVID-19, the need and demand for them have been greater than ever. Choosing the system that’s right for you is as easy as shopping around based on what you know about your life. Do you have pets or kids? Do you suffer from respiratory problems or have a history of respiratory infections? An air purifying system can help with these consistent changes in your air quality.

That’s where Austin Air Air Purifiers come in.

As largely understood, air purifiers are meant to catch dander, mold, dust, and viruses. This can occur based on how large the pollutant molecules can be. Generally speaking, viruses and other airborne pollutants range in size with approximately 0.1 microns being the smallest. Since many common place allergens and viruses are much larger than this, (especially COVID-19 at approximately 0.12 microns), they are easily filtered with the amazing power of Austin Air technology. Once these pollutants make their way into your home, it can prove difficult to remove them completely, but the aid of a reliable and effective purifier can help.

With many units being largely portable, the Austin Air system is a go-to easily installed system with hospital- grade tech to ensure toxins and other harmful substances are not released back into the air once filtered.

These units are made in the US, offer protection from mold, danders, dusts, and germs through a combination of the Austin Air air filter cartridge and the medical grade HEPA filtration system, and can remove and neutralize odors in the home or office space as well.

With filter cartridges that are easily replaceable, maintenance on this air purifying system is as easy as replacing the filter. You already have enough things to worry about in your day to day life. With all things considered, air filter maintenance is, understandably, pretty low on that list. With things like laundry, packing the next day’s lunch, helping with homework and being there for the little things, systems like the Austin Air make it easy to set and forget for the best possible solution to airborne pollutants.

Filter changes are recommended based on the size and flow of the purifier. Systems that are in all the time may need more frequent changes in filters, but can and will help to improve your air quality dramatically. If only used a few hours in the day, the filter may not need to be changed as often, but pathogens and germs in the air may have time to settle and linger for longer.

Completely up to each and every family to choose and adjust to, however you decide to use your new filtration system, your lungs will thank you.

Keep in mind with these filters that efficiency and cleanliness are directly tied. The dirtier the filter becomes, the less likely it is to properly remove toxins from the air. Regularly changing and monitoring the cleanliness of the filters can ensure longevity of life for the overall system and the effectiveness of the purification process.

With clean filters leading to cleaner air, it’s no surprise that air purifiers are leading the way in the uptrend of respiratory health in homes and offices across America. Many people who regularly use and benefit from the cleaned air experience less and less effects of seasonal allergies, pet dander tolerances, and airborne bacteria. These positive changes continue to increase as the technology grows, and it’s important to keep up with the times and upgrade your current system as available. These can be a pretty big investment purchase that can last years if maintained correctly, but with the proven health and wellness impact in mind, can also be one of the best buys of the time.

Breathing is the centerpiece of life, each and every one of us experience a better and brighter world with a fresh breath of air. In times where the home seems like the center of your world, why not take care of it the best you can? The physical health of your loved ones and pets are of the utmost importance to you, we know that, and we want to help!

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