Why Every Work from Home Employee Should Own a HEPA Air Purifier

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, many organizations have adopted a new model where their employees can work remotely. Employees are increasingly getting comfortable with the idea of a new normal where they work from home, and will do so indefinitely.

Many people started out from working at their kitchen counters, or perhaps even on the couch with a laptop, but over time many people have begun to actively invest in a more legit and dedicated home office setup to create a more work-friendly and productive space. From adding standing desks, ergonomic office chairs to under desk exercise bikes, employees are doing what it takes to keep their concentration and productivity at its peak. However, there’s one item that often goes overlooked when shopping for home office essentials – an air purifier.

If you haven’t considered buying one for your home office yet, we recommend that you do. Below are some of the reasons you might take our advice!

Air Purifiers Have a Positive Effect on Mental Health

It is paramount for employees to have access to clean air in their home and work environments. According to a research study published in the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, there is a correlation between increased emergency room visits due to depression and air pollution. Furthermore, air pollution can trigger psychological distress, such as nervousness, sadness, hopelessness, restlessness, and worthlessness. And an EPA study has shown that indoor air is commonly 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

The best way to combat these negative symptoms would be to have a portable air purifier that you can carry to your office whenever you work. You could move it from room to room to run it during the night for a sound sleep. Because sleep deprivation has a way of compounding the negative mental health symptoms, having a good night’s rest daily could be an integral part of recovery for your physical and mental health.

Air Purifiers Increase Productivity Levels

A 2021 study highlighted that there’s a connection between employee performance and air quality, further enforcing the idea that clean air has a significant impact on worker productivity.

As an employee, breathing clean air during your work day facilitates focus, boosts energy levels, and reduces your vulnerability to illness, so it’s no wonder that clean air can lead to surge in worker productivity. And because of this, clean air in the office, including at home, becomes a win-win for employees and employers alike.

Air Purifiers Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Allergies often lead to unwanted symptoms, such as headache, runny nose, and sore throat, which can be an annoying distraction during the work day, to say the least. Though allergies don’t necessarily correlate to more sick days, they certainly can work to reduce productivity when employees are struggling with allergic symptoms.

Fortunately, high quality air purifiers work to dramatically reduce airborne allergens such as pollen, mold, and pet dander, thereby reducing the chances of having those productivity-killing allergic symptoms in the first place.

Air Purifiers Prevent the Spread of Pathogens

Top quality HEPA Air purifiers are designed to filter out pathogens and harmful airborne toxins, including viruses, in a household. Be it common cold or flu, you will likely see a decrease in the spread of illnesses by having an air purifier in the household.

Having air purifiers as more of a staple for home offices would ultimately contribute to employee health and wellness, which again will benefit not only the employee but also employers nationwide.

Why Should Company Employee Wellness Initiatives Include Air Purifiers?

Every company needs to share a positive relationship with their employees, which can be challenging when most or all of them are working from home offices. However, providing home office air purifiers, while educating employees about the many health benefits could be an effective way to show that the company cares about employee health and well-being.

Closing Thoughts

Just like working in an office, employee productivity, health and wellness while working remotely and/or from home is impacted by air quality. Luckily there are many high quality air purifiers available on the market, at a variety of price points, to make this issue something that all of us can tackle. Here’s to your home office productivity and health!

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